Columbia Life & Fitness Boot Camp offer fitness and personal growth boot camps.

330 Power Circuit Boot Camp

330 Power Circuit Boot Camp is a 30 minute strength and cardio exercise program designed to tone the stomach, legs, arms, and glutes.  Trainers will provide a structured workout program, excercise instructions, motivation, support, and a meal plan.  The program will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for 30 minutes.  This class is perfect for all fitness levels and ages. 

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Young Investors Boot Camp

The Young Investors Boot Camp is a program designed to teach teens how to invest in the stock market.  Teens will sale tee shirts as their fundraiser.  The goal is for each teen to raise $500.00, learn to evaluate stocks, open up an online investment account, and purchase their first portfolio of stocks while still in high school. 

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John Maxwell YouthMax Event

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Women's Fitness Boot Camp

We offer a proven weight loss program for women. You will receive every thing you need for success:

  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Nutritional education
  • Meal plan
  • Great trainers

Get ready for a fun and challenging workout in a family atmosphere.

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